Lachlan Ord

A young woodsman, searching for his mother.


1st Level Woodsman (Rogue)

STR: 10
DEX: 17
CON: 9
INT: 11
WIS: 16
CHA: 9

AC: 15
Hit Points: 8
Init: 5
Alignment: Neutral
Fortune Points: 5

Saving Throws: Poison 13; Breath Weapon 16; Polymorth 12; Spell 15; Magic Item 14

Skills: Survival; Stealth; Cooking; Herbalism; Alertness; Tracking.

Weapons: Sword of Caolas; Long Bow

Equipment: Knife; Practical Clothing; Leathers (2 AC); Hvy Cloak; Flint & Tinder; Waterskin; Simple Shield (1 AC), 10 silvers.


“Lachlan Ord grew up in the village with his parents Valan & Fiona Ord, who were woodcutters and charcoal burners, living in a hut near the edge of the great forest. His mother was very knowledgeable of the folklore of the surrounding area, and would love to tell him stories when putting him to bed. Lachlan loved the forest and would spend days at a time wandering and exploring. He also loved the village and would tell the local children the tales his mother told him. The other children grew to trust him and appreciate his wisdom, and would confide in him all their fears and problems.

As well as the forest and village, he also loved the Willow Way River, with its winding ways, and large willow trees draping themselves over the river bank. He loved to talk and help the Willow Way Fishermen who plied their trade fishing trout and pike in the river, especially Murdoch Dalmahoy who always seemed to be there whenever Lachlan got into trouble.

One of Lachlans hobbies was cooking making lovely trout pies, and venison stews, while helping his mother in the house, or making packed lunches for his father or the fishermen. He would love to explore the forest for new ingredients for his cooking. This is where he gained great experience in herbology and hunting. The local Healer appreciated his knowledge and would frequently ask him for special and rare herbs from the forest, where Lachlan had a special ability to always find what was required.

Another man that he frequently encountered was Adair Achmuty, a pedlar from nearby villages, who sold him items in exchange for his famed venison stew. They formed a firm friendship, and Adair would tell him all the news from afar (and some gossip from nearby).

One day while Lachlan was away hunting, a great beast arose from the Argast cave (a local cave full of darkness and fear) and attacked his parents who were unwisely making charcoal near the cave. He found his fathers mangled body, but never found any sign of his mother.

Whilst on the hunt for any sign of his mother, he espied pixies, who encouraged him to follow them along fairy pathways full of light and beautiful scents and sounds. They eventually led him to an old oak tree, very tall and covered in ivy. He climbed the tree as instructed and there found a sword buried in the corpse of a long lost goblin (or other monster of the GMs choice). The sword seemed to mermer to him, giving him visions of his mother. The sword was beautifully shiny and covered in ancient script which seemed to shimmer and dance in the fairy light. The handle was labelled with the words “Sword of Caolas”, so Caolas was the name Lachlan called the sword.

He never found his mother, but never gave up hope he would one day find her. “

Lachlan Ord

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