Dwarven forge

The Dwarven forge is very old, or so everyone says, but truth be told no one alive knows how old.

A squat granite stone tower, square in shape, with only two stories, the ceilings inside are only 7ft high. The roof is conical and covered with plum slate, giving the tower a dark look from the outside. On the river side there is a large revolving wooden wheel, dipped into the water and forever turning.

This wheel drives the bellows inside, which lets the smith, Jock Tassie work steel in ways most village smith’s can only dream of. The forge has been owned by his family for at least five generations, each Tassie son carrying on his fathers trade.

Jock specialises in plough making and his ploughs are sought across the land. However he can turn his hand to weapon smithing when required, but refuses to make armour more complex than chain. Those in the know seem to think it is to do with the difficulty of hammering curves.

His wife Moyna is a dab hand at leather work.

Dwarven forge

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