Suggestions for campaign background

I thought this might be a good place to record suggestions for the development of the village’s background (and out characters’ interactions.

Here is my first suggestion. Please let me know your thoughts.

Service in the town watch

Brennall has written some nice background information about the dwarven forge in the village. As my character worked there to get away from the beatings doled out by his Father, he became quite close to the smith and his wife. When Torquil (my character) came of age, the smith and his wife gave him a mace and leathers (I paid for them with silver pieces in game terms, but I thought this story fit the reformed bully story better).

This made me think about why they would have given such a gift and I came up with the idea that the village might operate a town watch system. Once a man comes of age he is expected to spend a day and night on watch regularly – perhaps once every fortnight. There might be a limited stash of weaponry (clubs and shields perhaps) held centrally. Anything above and beyond that would be provided by the individual. Over the years, taking your turn in the watch has become rite of passage and each of our characters has taken their turn.

What do you think?


In medieval England, archery was an incredibly popular sport amongst commoners. This led to the mass deployment of longbowmen. Given that my character and Jon’s were in an archery competition, it seems feasible that this might be a popular pastime in the village and may provide a little colour to our characters in terms of whether they were good at it and their attitude towards it as a sport.

Suggestions for campaign background

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